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Thanks for showing interest in the minimalist mamma 7 part decluttered program. Below you will find the complete breakdown of everything you can get when you join the mammas!
Let’s break it all down...
Here's what you're getting...
  •   The A to Z guide that implements minimalism throughout the home to stop the stress.
  •  16 High quality coaching videos guiding you toward freedom from clutter. 
  •  How to pinpoint your "why" and knock down the emotions that may keep you from attaining your goals. 
  •  The must have entire home declutter checklist that will save you time. 
  •  Video Training on the "declutter styles" you are, and how to reason with them.
  •   Coaching for maintaining your own minimalist mamma lifestyle after you complete the program.
  •   The 7 part plan I use in my own life to take control of my "stuff" daily. 
  •  Organizational myths and realities no one talks about.
  •  Inside look into the 5 Clutter Zones in the home and how to make sure you aren't falling victim to them! 
  •  and so much more in members area...
Over $250 You get it for just $35!
This Offer Expires in 10 minutes...!
Join our "mamma movement" as we take over the world getting rid of stuff & finding the things that bring us TRUE JOY!
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